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Society AGM 2017 - 22nd May 2017

Wolfson Hall, Shakespeare Centre, Henley Street

Society Members are invited to the Society AGM which is to be held on  Monday 22nd May 2017 at 6.15pm  When arriving at the Shakespeare Centre, please use the entrance door marked ‘Main Reception’; this is to the left of the Visitor entrance (ie it is the set of doors furthest from the Birthplace).  The Wolfson Hall is on the first floor, opposite the stairs.  There is a lift available – please ask at Reception. 

An agenda will be sent out in due course but any member wishing to present a motion for consideration by the AGM should give notice in writing and sent to by the 8th May 2017. 

After the end of the AGM business, we conclude the celebration of the Society’s Fiftieth Anniversary with reminiscences from two distinguished former Chairmen, Ian Heggie and Bob Bearman.  We have invited them to speak about their period of leadership - the highs, lows, achievements and frustrations  - and to remind us all why the Society exists. We look forward to hearing from each of them in their own inimitable style. 

The bar will be open at the end of the meeting for members to enjoy a glass of wine or soft drink.

The Society AGM 2016

The Annual General Meeting, will be held at the Falcon Hotel at 6.00pm on Monday 16th May 2016. 

Click here
 to download a copy of the agenda, click here to download a copy of the minutes from the 2015 AGM and
click here to download a copy of the Trustees report.

After the Annual General Meeting we welcome Jenna Harvey, General Manager of Stratford Arts House, and colleagues to give us the talk postponed  from February. 

 STRATFORD ARTSHOUSE:  From A Hall To A Whole Lot More

The Society AGM held at 7pm, Monday 18th May 2015 at the Falcon Hotel.

Click here to download a copy of the agenda, click here to download a copy of the minutes from the 2014 AGM and
click here to download a copy of the Trustees report.

Anyone requiring a hard copy should contact the Secretary, Richard Eggington by email 

Following the AGM we will have a talk by JANDY SPURWAY on CLOPTON HOUSE.

Jandy is a member of the Historic Society of Moreton-in-Marsh and has family connections with Clopton House dating from the last century.

The Society AGM held at 7pm, Monday 14th April 2014 at the Falcon Hotel.

Click here to obtain a copy of the agenda and click here to download a copy of the Trustees report.   Anyone requiring a hard copy should contact the Secretary, Paul Mackey by email or telephone him on 01789 293934

Following the AGM at approximately 7.30pm, Stratford Society Chairman, Kevin Bond will give a short presentation regarding the issues he believes are facing the town and the Society.  He will then open up a discussion about the issues which most concern the members and where members would like to see the Society concentrate their efforts in the future. 

The Society AGM held at 7pm, Monday 13th April 2013 at the Falcon Hotel.

The following will form the General Committee for 2013/2014

  • Kevin Bond - Chairman / Trustee
  • Joyce Bridges
  • Peter Burgess
  • Jean Clymer - Programme Secretary
  • Jon Craig - Hon Treasurer / Trustee
  • John Deegan
  • Beryl Downing
  • Ian Fradgley - Membership Secretary / Trustee
  • Paul Mackey - Hon Secretary / Trustee
  • Dick Prior - Photographer
  • Ian Prosser
  • Robin Sankey
  • John Scampion - Vice Chairman / Trustee
  • Brain Wright
  • Click Here for the Minutes


By becoming a member you can help to influence decisions on all the aspects of development that help to maintain the character of this unique market town.


We offer non-political, professional expertise on the town's buildings and their surroundings. Caesar incredibiliter negle genter amputat tremulus rures.

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The Society is a registered Charity (Reg. No. 251182) and was established in 1966 for the public benefit. We consist of local professionals who care about Stratford.