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OxGAPS seeks to promote and facilitate independent research and academic events on its regional focus. The Forum is especially keen on ensuring the presence of scholars from its regional focus for more locally informed dialogue and analysis. OxGAPS also seeks to promote greater awareness on the important issues facing the region, collaborating with scholars and practitioners alike to better understand the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the region.


Topics: As an areas studies forum, OxGAPS encourages studying the region and its pertinent issues through various analytical lenses and an interdisciplinary approach. The Forum brings together both academics—from across the social sciences and humanities, and business—and practitioners engaged in the region—business leaders, civil society activists, journalists, and public office holders—to examine the pressing questions. From business and economics, to geopolitics and foreign policy, to education and culture, the Forum welcomes all relevant topics impacting the region.

Geographical Area: As the title implies, Gulf refers to the geographical area encompassing the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council—Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates—as well as Iraq and Iran. Arabian Peninsula refers to the remaining countries including Yemen and Jordan. Though the forum is explicitly interested in the aforementioned countries, it is also interested in the relations they have with other countries and regions of the world. Furthermore, the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula, despite the overlapping of countries, are also looked at as two geographical areas with unique geopolitical challenges in the broader Middle East and internationally.


Research: The Forum seeks to leverage its unique convening abilities and facilities to enable research that advances the knowledge of the region. The Forum brokers linkages with both scholars and research institutions interested in studying a given topic, with a particular interest in locally informed research.

Knowledge Sharing: OxGAPS plans, organizes and hosts a range of academic proceedings, including: conferences, workshops, lectures, seminars and symposiums. These are organized with the aim of bringing together scholars and practitioners from the region with those researching it from the outside for enhanced deliberations and an inclusive dialogue on the discussion topics.


Senior Member: Dr. Eugene Rogan


Suliman Al-Atiqi

Vice Chairman & Partnerships:
Adel Hamaizia

Gulf Affairs Managing Editor:
Rana AlMutawa

Research Associate:
Lolwah Alkhater

Research Associate: 
Jalal Imran

Lubna Qassim

Broadcasting & Archiving Officer:
Oliver Ramsay Gray

University of Oxford